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The Gurus Network

MyPhpGurus is a member of the "Gurus" network, established by our parent company Exceed Digital Systems, LLC. Over the years, Exceed has built several core teams of technology specialists, each with an expert knowledge in a specific
development field. In doing so, Exceed has kept us ahead of the technology curve, allowing us to provide our clients with the best possible solutions available.

Here's a list of Exceed Digital's other "Guru" divisions:

MyDotNetGurus.comSpecializing in Microsoft's .NET technologies
MyPHPGurus.comSpecializing in PHP / MySQL development and open source frameworks
MyDatabaseGurus.comSpecializing in SQL database development & administration
MyColdFusionGurus.comSpecializing in Adobe's ColdFusion programming language
MyAccessGurus.comSpecializing in Microsoft Access programming & development